The Story

Anna Bauer| Owner

Growing up in the South, Anna was taught at a young age that your home should always be ready for company. She has spent her life obsessing over being organized, whether it was meticulously covering her school books, swiftly purging her clothes, or color-coding her crayons!

After living in New York City for the past 16 years with several small apartments under her belt, Anna knows first hand the importance of how small spaces require a certain creative eye to detail and, of course, a level of organization. With an easy-going approach that never judges or pushes individuals, Anna loves helping her clients to create more space and function and to fall in love with their homes again.


Meet The SBA Team

Erin Hayes| Organizer

Hailing from the bluegrass state of Kentucky, Erin Hayes has been an organizer since she was 9 years old. She would move from room to room of her family’s home, purging, and defining spaces. Little did she know that a whole industry existed to feed her addiction.

Now a professional organizer for over 6 years in New York City,  she loves connecting with people and helping them feel comfortable in their own homes.  “I love getting to know people by learning what they cherish most. People’s needs and spaces vary, but no matter how much room we find, everyone is happy when everything has a home.”



Ariana Kruszewski| Organizer & Social Content

Originally from the greater DC metro area, Ariana discovered her love for organizing after transitioning from the suburban lifestyle of her upbringing to small-space city living. Once space became a commodity, maximizing the use of every corner was both gratifying and absolutely necessary! Before she knew it, Ariana was championing systems of efficiency at home and in the workplace.

After joining Sorted by Anna in 2018, Ariana has developed a critical eye for detail. She loves to find the unity between efficiency and aesthetics while re-engineering the way people use their space and personalizing her work to fit each client’s specific needs.



Awards and Organizations

Pleasant, professional, efficient and never judgmental. Piles that were basically unmanageable became sorted and put away. I can't recommend Anna highly enough, she's nothing short of a miracle worker. — Lisa W.
Anna keeps you focused and makes the process very efficient. My house already looks bigger and getting rid of the excessive clutter has decreased my stress immensely. — Sam S.
Anna is the best, and I’ve worked with other organizers in the past!  I feel very anxious before I have a big organizing project coming up and Anna always finds a way of helping me break the project into parts that are manageable and achievable. — Anastasia T.
Whether it’s organizing my children’s playroom (joy to look at), or organizing my messy “catch all” kitchen drawers, or my shoe bins (for a large family of 5 who play many sports and have many different shoes).  Anna is efficient, solution-oriented, focused and positive. — Brooklyn Mom
Her energy, enthusiasm, organization, and execution are what sets her brand apart from other organizers. The most vital thing, in my opinion, that distinguishes Sorted by Anna is that she makes you feel at ease with a process that is fraught with anxiety. She’s a master listener, and a master at managing different personalities to focus them into the common goal, whatever the task. — Jeff M.