If I had to describe being a business owner I’d liken it to being a toddler. One minute you’re happy and the next you’re crying in the corner and don’t know why. You can’t explain the ups and downs you feel but you do.

Looking back on my third year of business it has been my favorite year. Clients and revenue feel consistent. I feel confident in the relationships I’ve built over the years and know everything I’ve done up to this moment is setting me up to succeed.

Each year brings different perspectives, wins and challenges. As for 2017, I’ve had my fair share.


  • Being featured, published or interviewed in over 15 media outlets
  • Doubling my annual income and surpassing my financial goals
  • Rate increase
  • Constant flow of clients
  • Successfully partnered with other organizers for larger projects
  • Being more strategic with my partnerships
  • Built workflows around administrative tasks


  • Better work/life balance
  • Taking time off
  • Spreading myself thin by not automating repeatable tasks 
  • Combating imposter syndrome
  • Being more consistent and prioritizing social media publishing
  • Formalize an on-boarding process for clients and partners 
  • Handling the stress of being a business owner

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